Classic Fell walks in the Lake District


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An authoritative new guide to the classic, ‘must do’ fell walking rounds in the Lake District.

This pocket-sized guide is designed to be taken with you and outlines the many classic fell walking rounds to be enjoyed on the Lakeland fells.

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An attractive new guide to the classic, ‘must do’ fell walking rounds.

This pocket-sized guide is designed to be taken with you and outlines the many classic fell walking rounds to be enjoyed on the Lakeland fells.

This authoritative map-pocket size book is aimed at the moderate to advanced user wanting complete circuits rather than detailed information on each fell. The book includes classics such as the Striding Edge/Swirral Edge round, the Coledale Horseshoe, Fairfield Horseshoe, Mosedale Horseshoe, Langdale Pikes, among many others.

A total of 78 Wainwrights are covered by the guide.

The book is also intended as an inspirational guide and uses lots of the author’s high quality photographs to inspire the user long before they set foot on the fells. Each route is shown on the relevant Ordnance Survey map, and includes information on distances, height gained and parking.


Prologue Introduction

The North

  1. Blencathra by Sharp Edge & Hall’s Fell ridge
  2. Skiddaw by Ullock Pike
  3. The Coledale Horseshoe
  4. Robinson & Hindscarth from Little Town
  5. Whiteside & Grasmoor from Crummock Water

The West

  1. High Stile from Buttermere
  2. Haystacks & Fleetwith Pike from Buttermere
  3. Scafell Pike & Great End from Wasdale Head
  4. Scafell from Eskdale
  5. The Mosedale Horseshoe from Wasdale Head
  6. Great Gable & Kirk Fell from Wasdale Head

The East

  1. Helvellyn by Striding Edge & Swirral Edge
  2. Deepdale Horseshoe—Fairfield & St Sunday Crag
  3. High Street from Haweswater

The South

  1. The Kentmere Horseshoe
  2. The Fairfield Horseshoe
  3. The Langdale Pikes
  4. Pike o’ Blisco & Crinkle Crags from Great Langdale
  5. Bowfell & Esk Pike from Great Langdale
  6. The Coniston Fells
Wainwright summits covered by this guide
Summit Section Height Route
Scafell Pike The West 978m/3,209ft 8
Scafell The West 964m/3,163ft 9
Helvellyn The East 950m/3,117ft 12
Skiddaw The North 931m/3,054ft 2
Great End The West 910m/2,986ft 8
Bowfell The South 902m/2,959ft (18), 19
Great Gable The West 899m/2,949ft 11
Pillar The West 892m/2,920ft 10
Catstycam The East 890m/3,156ft 12
Esk Pike The South 885m/2,904ft 19
Fairfield The East 873m/2,864ft 13, 16
Blencathra The North 868m/2,848ft 1
Crinkle Crags The South 859m/2,818ft 18
Grasmoor The North 852m/2,795ft (3), 5
St Sunday Crag The East 841m/2,759ft 13
Scoat Fell The West 841m/2,759ft 10
Crag Hill The North 839m/2,753ft 3
High Street The East 828m/2,717ft 14, 15
Red Pike The West 826m/2,710ft 10
Hart Crag The South 822m/2,697ft 13, 16
Steeple The West 819m/2,687ft 10
Lingmell The West 807m/2,648ft 8
High Stile The West 806m/2,644ft 6
Old Man The South 803m/2,635ft 20
Kirk Fell The West 802m/2,631ft 11
Swirl How The South 802m/2,631ft 20
Green Gable The West 801m/2,628ft 11
Brim Fell The South 796m/2,612ft 20
Dove Crag The South 792m/2,598ft 16
Rampsgill Head The East 792m/2,598ft 14
Grisedale Pike The North 791m/2,595ft 3
Thornthwaite Crag The South 784m/2,572ft 15
Great Carrs The South 780m/2,559ft 20
Kidsty Pike The East 780m/2,559ft 14
Harter Fell The East 778m/2,552ft 14, 15
Dow Crag The South 778m/2,552ft 20
Grey Friar The South 773m/2,536ft 20
Sail The North 773m/2,536ft 3
Wandope The North 772m/2,533ft (3), 5
Hopegill Head The North 770m/2,526ft 5
Great Rigg The South 766m/2,513ft 16
Mardale Ill Bell The East 760m/2,493ft 14, 15
Ill Bell The South 757m/2,484ft 15
Red Pike The West 755m/2,477ft 6
Slight Side The West 748m/2,454ft 9
Carl Side The North 746m/2,448ft 2
High Crag The West 744m/2,441ft 6
Robinson The North 737m/2,418ft 4
Harrison Stickle The South 736m/2,415ft 17
Long Side The North 734m/2,408ft 2
Kentmere Pike The South 730m/2,395ft 15
Hindscarth The North 727m/2,385ft 4
Thunacar Knotts The South 723m/2,372ft 17
Foswick The South 720m/2,362ft 15
Pike o’ Stickle The South 709m/2,326ft 17
Whiteside The North 707m/2,320ft 5
Yoke The South 706m/2,316ft 15
Pike o’ Blisco The South 705m/2,313ft 18
Pavey Ark The South 699m/2,298ft 17
Ullock Pike The North 690m/2,264ft 2
Loft Crag The South 680m/2,231ft 16
Scar Crags The North 672m/2,205ft -3
Whiteless Pike The North 660m/2,165ft 5
High Pike The South 656m/2,152ft 16
Fleetwith Pike The West 648m/2,126ft 7
Rossett Pike The South 648m/2,126ft 19
Causey Pike The North 637m/2,090ft -3
Yewbarrow The West 627m/2,057ft 10
Birks The East 622m/2,041ft -13
Heron Pike The South 612m/2,008ft 16
Haystacks The West 597m/1,959ft 7
Hartsop The East 579m/1,900ft 13
Shipman Knotts The South 587m/1,926ft 15
Outerside The North 568m/1,864ft -3
Low Pike The South 508m/1,667ft 16
Barrow The North 455m/1,493ft -3
Nab Scar The South 449m/1,473ft 16
Rannerdale Knotts The North 355m/1,165ft 5



“With this eminently practical Pocket Fells guide Carl Rogers has achieved a superb evocation of precisely what constitutes a good fell day. Concise and visually captivating, the guide deserves to win many fans, especially from the new generation of mountain lovers as they learn how to get to grips with high places.”

—Mark Richards, author of Lakeland Fellranger guides


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