Top 10 Walks: Lake District: Walks to Tarns



This smashing little book features ten short circular walks to the loveliest tarns in the Lake District.

Norsemen, who dominated Lakeland 1,000 years ago, called the small bodies of water they found in the mountains tjorns—‘little lakes’ or , literally, ‘teardrops’.

Now known as tarns, they are remnants of the last Ice Age when huge ice sheets scoured out hollows in the mountains that then filled with water. There are hundreds of tarns in the Lake District National Park: from tiny pools sparkling like blue jewels on high, lonely ridge tops, to small lakes sitting cold and moody at the base of sombre cliffs.



One of ten books in the new Top 10 Walks: Lake District series.

This attractive and cleverly structured guidebook gives walkers the ten finest routes on Cumbria’s highest fells in a popular pocketable format.

With clear information, an overview and introduction for each walk, expertly written numbered directions, Ordnance Survey maps, superb, eye-grabbing panoramic photographs, and interpretation of points of interest along the way, these guides set a new standard in clarity, appeal and ease-of-use.



The Lake District National Park: an introduction

Top Ten Walks to Tarns: a photo mosaic

  1. Bowscale Tarn
  2. Angle Tarn
  3. Red Tarn
  4. Easedale Tarn & Codale Tarn
  5. Styhead Tarn & Sprinkling Tarn
  6. Innominate Tarn
  7. Blea Tarn
  8. Levers Water
  9. Stony Tarn & Eel Tarn
  10. Tarn Hows

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What they say …

“These may be humble walking guidebooks, but in the quality of their writing, photography and general production, they can justifiably claim to be miniature artworks. They set a standard to which other guidebooks might hope to aspire.”

— Anthony Toole, Outdoor Focus magazine


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