Top 10 Walks: Yorkshire Dales: Walks to Waterfalls



This pretty little book gives you short circular walks to the most spectacular waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales.

Geology and the way it shapes the land have created a countryside tailor-made for the development of waterfalls. The gritstone fells and moors gather copious rainfall, which they shed along countless becks and rivers that erode the rock into twisting gills and valleys.

Where localised geological conditions bring together the grits and limestones, differential erosion creates bands of resistant rocks over which the becks plunge as hidden cataracts and waterfalls, often called forces in the Yorkshire Dales. Each has its own unique form and atmosphere to discover and explore.



One of six books in the new Top 10 Walks: Yorkshire Dales series.

This attractive and cleverly structured guidebook gives walkers the ten best walks to the Yorkshire Dales’ finest waterfalls, cataracts and forces in a handy, pocketable format.

With clear information, an overview and introduction for each walk, expertly written numbered directions, Ordnance Survey maps, eye-grabbing panoramic photographs, and interpretation of points of interest along the way, these guides set a new standard in clarity, appeal and ease-of-use.



The Yorkshire Dales National Park: an introduction

Top Ten Walks: Walks to Waterfalls: a photo mosaic

  1. Aysgarth & Cauldron Falls
  2. Janet’s Foss & Gordale Scar
  3. Catrigg Force
  4. Kisdon & Currack Forces
  5. The Strid & Posforth Gill
  6. Mill & Whitfield Gills
  7. Ingleton Waterfalls
  8. Linton Falls & Ghaistrill’s Strid
  9. Uldale Force
  10. Hardraw Force

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“The book is beautifully designed with a two column per page layout affording an easy read of the detailed walking routes. Having done several of these walks – or variations on them – I can attest to the detail in the route descriptions.”

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