Sales of three already popular walking guidebooks to the Sandstone Trail have risen dramatically following two high-profile media events.

Traditional bookshop and online sales of the Official Guide to Walking Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail, Circular Walks along the Sandstone Trail, and the pocket-size Easy Walks from the Sandstone Trail all jumped significantly when Country Walking magazine published their feature article on the Sandstone Trail in the February 2017 issue.

Just a week or so later ITV television’s 4th episode of Britain’s Best Walks with Julia Bradbury again featured the Sandstone Trail, kicking sales higher still. At one stage the publishers, Northern Eye Books, had a job to keep up with demand. So much so, that the Official Guide is currently being reprinted with new copies being available within the next few days.

What’s more, the number of unique visitors to Northern Eye Books’ Google No. 1 rated, dedicated website for the Sandstone Trail — — rose by more than 1000% overnight. To underline the surge in visitors to the website, one online accommodation advertiser reported making three bookings within an hour or so after the programme aired.

All in all, it was a remarkable few days.

Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail is now firmly on the map!