Want to boost sales? Our range of point of sale displays, counter-top and freestanding floor spinners make a real difference to book sales.

The Top10Walks series’ counter top displays have a compact footprint, improve the books’ visibility and significantly increase customer uptake. Some outdoor shops in the Lake District even have two stands — one alongside each till. These robust and attractive displays are FREE if ordered full, are supplied already made-up, and are available from the distributor, many wholesalers, and directly from the publishers.

Our smart new bespoke counter-top spinners are the latest addition to our display range — and already proving their worth. Launched to hold the Top 10 Walks series in the Lake District, there are more than 40 in outlets across Cumbria alone. As the local ranges of Top 10 Walks expand, they will be available for the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales later this year.

To enquire about counter-top display, counter-top or floor spinners, please contact you local wholesaler or call our marketing department on 01928 723744.