Another pocket-sized gem in the bestselling Top 10 Walks series. This title sits comfortably with the companion volume ‘Mountain Walks’ by the same author.

Focusing on some of Snowdonia’s less obvious and more challenging mountain routes this time, the author has included the famous Snowdon Horseshoe as well as the superb ‘South Snowdon Horseshoe’, an intriguing and less scary route if scrambling is not you thing. If you do fancy using you hands as well as feet then there some fine, easy scrambles on the northern ridges of Snowdon also featured. My favourite route? The fabulous ridge walk over the northern Glyder summits to Elidir Fawr.

A feature of the series is the superb use of photography – using photos that both inform and inspire. When you have your copy have a look at the images on pages 18-19, 36-37 and 46-47 and see if you’re not inspired to get out there!!

Challenging mountain walks in Snowdonia
ISBN: 978-1-902512-29-7

Kevin Williams