Unravelling Welsh place names can be a revelation. By translating just a few key elements, a place and its history, people and culture can suddenly leap into life.

Now there’s a new edition of the fascinating Understanding Welsh Place Names by native Welsh-speaker, Gwili Gog — with a new, yellow cover. This attractive and easy-to-use guide means non-Welsh speakers can now easily translate and understand place names all over Wales — on the map, on road signs, and out in the countryside.

The book explains Welsh place names across the whole of Wales — area by area. It also looks at key themes in the landscape — such as ‘Huts, Houses and Halls’ or ‘Sheep and Shepherds’— and how they have affected the Welsh language. Armed with this inside knowledge, visitors will discover there’s a whole exciting new dimension to the Welsh landscape. In fact, Wales will never be quite the same again…..

The full-colour, generously illustrated, 96 page book costs just £8.99 and is widely available across Wales.

ISBN 978-0-9553557-4-5